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Hewett Centre’s in-house catering provided by Leon Angione, an ideal option for any event, conference, party, function or meeting no matter the size of your function.

Leon’s Cafe offers both in-house and external catering options specialising in platter and cakes. Please feel free to view the options provided by our outstanding caterer.

Examples of the types of platters that are available are: Cheese and Chicken Platter, Dips and Biscuits, Antipasto Platter, Fruit Platter, Mini Pies and Pasties, Sandwiches and Wraps, Scones, Jam and Cream, Mini Quiches, Sweet Treats Platter to mention a few. We always endeavor to accommodate any special requests.

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Our platter and cake selections provide a range of budgetary and food options. Our on site caterer provides freshly made, wholesome foods to suit any needs and specializes in special dietary requirements.

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For more information on our Catering Packages;

Please contact us and request more information.

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