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The Hewett Centre offers four flexible rooms to cater to your specific functions needs. Our rooms have ample natural lighting and provide a relaxing atmosphere, allowing maximum productivity.


These are our largest rooms and offer a range of layouts to suit your needs. With floor to ceiling windows in both rooms offering views of the surrounding wildlife, it is perfect for larger events or conferences with access to the outdoor decking for breaks. These rooms can be used individually, or the dividing wall can be removed to create a larger area.


These rooms are designed for more intimate uses such as staff meetings, training days, smaller dinners or family celebrations. Again these rooms can be used individually or can be combined for slightly larger groups.


Allow your guests to rejuvenate during the day with access to our outdoor area, ideal for break outs.

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Room facilities and support include:

  • Four individually appointed function rooms
  • Table and Chairs with basic set up
  • Capacity ranges from 12 guests up to 300
  • In built audio visual technology
  • Access to modern sound system for speeches and music
  • Free parking on site and in adjoining carpark
  • Disabled car parking and fully accessible throughout
  • Onsite catering and licensed bar facilities available
  • Staff supervision throughout
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For more information on;

Hewett Centre Parties

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Hewett Centre 18th and 21st Birthday Parties


Please contact us and request more information.

[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][gap height=”28″][vc_text_separator title=”ROOM SPECIFICATIONS” title_align=”separator_align_left” color=”grey” style=”double” accent_color=”#666666″][gap height=”28″][table ver=”2″][table_tr][table_td] [/table_td][table_td]Banquet[/table_td][table_td]Cocktail[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Brolga Hall[/table_td] [table_td]90[/table_td][table_td]140[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Ibis Hall[/table_td][table_td]90[/table_td][table_td]140[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Combined Halls (Brolga & Ibis)[/table_td][table_td]150[/table_td][table_td]280[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Rosella Room[/table_td][table_td]24[/table_td][table_td]30[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Kingfisher Room[/table_td][table_td]24[/table_td][table_td]30[/table_td][/table_tr][table_tr][table_td]Kingfisher and Rosella Rooms Combined[/table_td][table_td]48[/table_td][table_td]70[/table_td][/table_tr][/table][gap height=”28″][/vc_column][/vc_row]